The Eco committee's objective is to raise awareness of environmental issues, as well as bringing about behavioural change that will increase the sustainability  of our school and decrease our impact on the environment.

Our ambition is to achieve the Green Flag award by the end of 2019.

Our work will focus on:



School grounds

Healthy living 




Global citzenship

We have an ongoing Rep programme with weekly collection of the recycling boxes around the school.

We have an Eco committee of students, staff and senior staff and are soon hoping to appoint a member of the Governing body. The committee meets several times per term to agree and work on campaigns.

Forthcoming campaigns include:

Walk to School Week

World Envirnoment Day

Switch Off Fortnight

Eco Schools

Bikeability Cycle Training

As part of our campaign to encourage more students to cycle, both to and from school and for pleasure, on Friday 27th September 16 2019, 16 of our Year 8 students took part in free cycle “bikeability” training with Cycle Confident, London Borough of Waltham Forest’s cycle training provider. This safe, structured and standardised programme is designed to make students more competent cyclists and prepare them for cycling on the road.

Despite short periods of rain, after an initial bicycle check and skills assessment, students were led around the playground, practising steering, safe braking and given information about route planning, basic cycle maintenance and the Do’s and Don’t’s of safe cycling. Then students took to the local streets, for a real cycling experience. Our students gained the skills needed to handle more challenging road and traffic situations.

It was a fun day and students came away from the course as more confident cyclists.

Thank you to Festu and Carolyn for their instruction and support and thank you to Cycle Confident for arranging this training and the loan of cycles.

Cycle Confident runs free holiday courses that cover the same outcomes as the Bikeability school courses. Children are welcome to join these whether or not they have done training at school. Check out the services the council offers on the Cycle Confident website

For anyone looking to buy, upgrade or sell a bicycle we are hosting a bike market on 10th October at the school. See more information below.

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Following our ‘Switch Off Fortnight’ campaign we have now collated the data and can share the results.

It was sometimes difficult for the Eco Team to access all rooms during the campaign as many were in use after school for reading and increased revision sessions, but the team worked very hard to audit each room.

We saw a positive impact on high energy use equipment such as computers, interactive white boards and projectors, with a reduction in those being left on, or on standby. Whilst there was an increase in the number of plug sockets left switched on, the majority of these did not have any equipment plugged in, making an energy saving overall.

Although there was a small increase on the number of lights left on, as these are LED lights the energy use is now lower than before these were installed. We would encourage everyone to switch the lights off if they leave the room for more than a couple of minutes.

We saw an increase on the amount of printers on standby and a reduction of those left on, an energy saving, but we would like to see more units switched off rather than left on standby.

 The results are pleasing, with an improvement being seen on units requiring a conscious action to switch off or put on standby.

The Eco Team will continue to monitor energy use and issue gentle reminders throughout the year.

Thank you to everyone who supported this campaign and we hope to see a sustained reduction in energy use.

Eco Schools

Through a variety of activities Kelmscott School has achieved a Bronze Award on the Woodland Trust's Green Schools award.

We planted trees here and at St George Monoux College, recycled Christmas cards and printer ink cartridges, reduced our Co2 emission and we submitted entries to the Tree Champions competition.

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