Find a Book

If you are looking for a book or not sure what to read next then have a look at the 'bookfinder' to help you.

Click on this link to take you to the free website.

If you write down the book title and AR number our school librarian can check if we have the book and if it is available for you to borrow.

Below are screen shots of what the website looks like and how to find a book.

AR bookfinder 1.PNG

1.Select who you are

2.You can use the 'Quick Search' if you know the name of the book you want.

3.If you are not sure what you would like to read next try the 'Advanced Search' and you can look at books by there genre and subtopics within that genre.

4.Note down the title of the book and the AR number. Our librarian will be advise you if we have this book and if it is available to borrow.

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