Today Monday 16th October Kelmscott School held their very first 'Fresher's Fair'. The event was attended by all year 7's. The students got to walk around the main hall and see a large range of club that are put in place for them to attend. The list of clubs and list of staff who are offering clubs is amazing. The room was full of students who enjoyed finding out about clubs, some which offered trips, and games club was a big hit!


Students were able to look at some books, musical instruments, even play some and listen to students who have already attended some of these clubs in year 7 and some beyond year 8 and 9. There was examples of work to look and to get the mind moving and thinking of other ideas that they may have, or to simply give them the idea that 'I can do this!'.


There was a massive amount of students who have signed up to clubs that we will now be considering running more clubs along the same line. This is simply amazing!

I would like to say a special thank you to all the staff who came and advertised their clubs to allow students to explore other areas of their education with extra curricular activities. The event was definitely a success and I look forward to making this a yearly event.


Mrs Shepherd

Student feedback:

I signed up for Judo. I have never done Judo before so it's new.

Wow what a lot of amazing clubs!

I signed up for Judo, Creative club, Cooking club. I wanted to sign up for more but there isn't

 enough days!

I am glad Fresher's Fair is an event for us.

I got to find out about clubs. Kelmscott has

so many.

I already go to some sports clubs, now I can attend other clubs.

Why are we doing it?


We, at Kelmscott are very keen on having students attend extra-curricular activities, and this year we have over 30 clubs available during lunchtime and after school. This year we want to continue the trend of having good attendance to clubs, so we have decided to advertise our clubs to the whole of year 7 at an event called 'Fresher's Fair'. Fresher's Fair is a one off event that the whole year group will have access too.


Benefits to the students?


This will allow ALL year 7 students to see

  • What clubs are available

  • Where the clubs are held

  • What the clubs involve

  • Who runs the club

  • How they can attend

  • What they can gain from attending a club

It will also allow students to discover new things, maybe they want to attend a sports club of a sport they have never played before. Or they have a passion for writing and would like to learn how to write more in French. Languages are their thing so learning Latin would add something else to their skills. The reasons are endless on why extra curricular clubs are an added bonus to anyone's career at secondary school. Some clubs are supported by older students, so it allows new friendships in the same year but in higher years too, and will hopefully encourage the same care and share for those students later in Kelmscott.

Mrs Shepherd


Keyboard club

Guitar Club


Table tennis





Creative club

Homework club

Lunchtime prayers

Jummah prayers

Gardening Club

STEM club (Science)

What clubs are on offer?


Book club

Reading club

Numbers club

Math's Mentorz

Games club

Creative cooking club

Art homework help

RM club

French Literature writing club

Latin club

Poetry club

Comedy Drama club

Whole school production club

Whole class interforms

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