In the event of a school closure, teachers have provided the following resources for you to access from home, via Google Drive/Google Classroom.

Please click the buttons below to access work which relates to your Year group.

Students have been given their username and password and will need it to access the files on Google Drive.

If they have mislaid or forgotten it, the information is available from their tutors or our school reception.


1. Click the link for your year group

2. Input your G-Suite email address and password (e.g jsmith.320@gsuite.kelmscott.waltham.sch.uk)

3. The next window will be another login screen from LGFL. Here you only put your user name (e.g jsmith.320)

4. Put in your G-Suite password and click login

5. Now you will access the Google Drive with the folders of work.

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