GCSE Results

Stay calm

If you are feeling anxious about results day, try to look after yourself in the days before.When you are feeling stressed , getting some exercise can help clear your head. Look out for what you are eating as well. Steer clear of junk food and aim for healthy food. Try and get some early nights in the run up to results day, so your sleep patterns get back to normal.

How to prepare for GCSE results day?

On the day make sure you pack your mobile phone so you can call your parents, family or friends to experience your results with you. Make sure you pack a bottle of water and tissues.


Decide where you want to open your GCSE results

'Imagine your best and worst case scenario', and think about whether your happy to experience whatever success or failure means to you on your own or with friends.

Some students nip to the toilet and open their results, others rip them open in front of their friends and teachers. Everyone is different,  so make sure your not peer-pressured into opening your results with friends if your not feeling confident or comfortable.

It is best to be somewhere at school to open your results, so you can get advice from your teachers if you need it. But you can always take them home if you prefer.

How can I pick up my GCSE results?

You must come into school and collect your results on the date advised by your school (this is usually the end of August). If you are unable to collect them you will need to arrange with the school for them to be posted to you.

Your GCSE grades and how much they matter

When you first look at your GCSE results, English Language and Maths are the key qualifications to look out for. In the new grading system a  4 is roughly equivalent to a C and is likely to be requested as a minimum by schools and colleges if you want to move on to study at a higher level. Some courses may even ask for higher grades so check carefully.

If you missed out on the 4 grade, especially if it's by a narrow margin, you might want to consider applying for a remark or retake. There are retake opportunities in November. See our exam information page.

I haven't passed my Maths/English Language!

These are important subjects but don't panic. The first thing to do if you haven't passed one or both of them is to speak immediately to the head/admissions officer of the college you hope to attend. 

Some colleges offer classes to prepare you to retake these GCSEs or they could offer alternative courses. 

I don't have the grades I need for my college course!

Again, the best course of action is to speak to the head of the sixth form or college you have applied to. Many colleges give you an offer where you'll need certain grades to be able to enrol. 

In some cases the entry requirements may be 'informal', and so you may be let onto the course regardless. However, please note that this does not always apply. 

If you have missed your college requirements, there are a number of different paths you can take. You may retake one or more subjects to help boost your overall grade, or if you think there was an error with the marking of your paper you can apply for a review of marks.

Source: Taken from the following website -www.thestudentroom.co.uk