Great East Bake Off

What an amazingly successful day! Brillant teamwork from year 8,9 and 10 students.

Denisa Raducan - 9s

Bianca - Elena Popescu - 9e

Ruzilsa dacosta caraisa - 9l

Sophia Kearns - 8m

Mussa Hussein - 9e

Adeeba Rizwan - 9c

Bi Qin Cai- 9e

Fatima Choudhary - 8k

Imaan Saeed - 9c

Olivia Campbell - 9k

Students who brought cakes said 'we should have a bake sale every Friday' and 'they are the best cakes I have ever tasted'.

Well done to everyone who took part from the making of the cakes and selling them during breaktime.

Many thanks

Mrs Banton 

Head of Food Technology

Zara Akhtar - 8m

Nazia Islam - 8s

Aniqah Ahmed-9l

Falla Lerari - 9e

FeyzaYesildas - 9s

Cyan Thompson - 9k

Lauren Phillips -10l

Safa Sadiq - 10L

Bria Greaves - 10k

Idil Nesim - 10m

Wow with your help we made an amazing
food 11
food 5
food 2
food 6
food 10
food 3
food 1