Jack Petchey Awards event – Tuesday 19th November 2019

Following the success of a number of our students winning a Jack Petchey Achievement Award winners and their guests were invited to the Achievement Awards Presentation on Tuesday 19th November 2019.  The event was held at Waltham Forest Assembly Hall.


The evening started with a short DVD about the work of the Jack Petchey Foundation, including a message from Jack Petchey himself,  followed by brief words of welcome from the guest VIP, the Mayor of Waltham Forest,  Chris Robbins.


This was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the achievement of our award winners with their families, as well as representatives from the Jack Petchey Foundation, sponsors of the awards.

Award winners were invited onto the stage to collect their medallions, had their photograph taken with the guest VIP and then again as a school group.  It was a pleasure to welcome back three former Year 11 students and their families as well as four of our current students with their families. Kelmscott winners looked incredibly smart and it was an honour to be able to share their achievement with them on this special night.


The awards were interspersed with entertainment throughout the evening and we were treated to fantastic musical performances from George Mitchell Steel Pans, Frederick Bremer Ensemble and dance performances from Young Leaders.


It was a lovely event and we would like to take this opportunity to once again congratulate all of our winners and thank Jack Petchey Foundation for their tireless work and commitment to supporting young people’s achievement.


Our 2018-19 winners:


Jessica Tunks


For her high quality idea and photography for the “We are Silent” campaign that reached ½ a million people. And was exhibited at a specialist event at Gnome House. Jess delivered a speech from memory at the Royal Society for Public Health annual award event, Jess won an award at this event, being the first ever Youth Health Champion winner. Jess’s work is now featured in the Mayor of London’s Team London publicity brochure and NUT magazine.


Adam Raja


Adam is a well-motivated student who always works hard and helps others, over and above expectations. He also uses his initiative to take part in Numeracy Club and mentor lower ability students to help them improve their attainment level.


Hefza Muzamil


She is actively and positively taking part in every Economics lesson. She is very helpful to others and to the teacher. In general she is a very kind and polite student.

Andrei Nuta


Andrei has a remarkable dedication to his studies since he started Year 10. He has produced outstanding work, he asks questions when he doesn’t understand and he acts on any feedback when given. His punctuality is 100% and he is always prepared to learn.


Ayaan Yaqoob


Ayaan is a positive leader from the “middle”. In Drama, including the Peter Pan play, Drama Academy and Drama club, Ayaan has shown that, through his positive outlook and intelligent yet unobtrusive suggestions he can influence others and is a real role model to even students older than himself. His dedication to the task at hand and the emotional intelligence to assist others so they can exceed is above his years.

Abdel-Malek Mokhtari


His attitude to his work – which he has been slowly and tenaciously developing – is to do his best and learn from his errors/weaknesses

Bastian Tadla


Bastian shows great enthusiasm in Computing and shows me some of his external projects. This could and would be a prime example of a student next year to lead a Computing Club for KS3 students with the nominated money to help buy equipment to fund and foster curiosity.

Elias Souttou


The pupil I would like to nominate for the Jack Petchey award is a pupil who has gone above and beyond in the TFL project that I ran, which focussed on promoting walking and cycling and healthy lifestyles for our Yr8 pupils. Even when faced with difficulties and challenges Elias Souttou persevered and pushed forward and did not give up, he led his form into winning the challenge and wrote a superb report outlining all the ins and outs of the project. He motivated his form into walking to school and enabled them to have the most steps in the whole year group, to top it off, he did this alone, whilst other members of the TFL project had a partner in their form to help them, he worked alone which shows how hard working and dedicated he is.

Wanesa Szarlat


Despite a lot of home commitments that mean Wanesa hasn’t been able to attend as many revision sessions as she would have liked, she’s given up every lunch and break to ensure she utilises her time wisely, often coming to the Art room to undertake painting tasks. She is hugely skilled in this area, painting in a hyperrealist style. She has also proved herself to be resilient and a steadfast friend, helping and supporting others with maturity and stoicism.

Geanina receiving a Jack Petchey award from Met Police cadets

The Jack Petchey Foundation was established in 1999 to enable young people, to achieve their potential by inspiring, investing in,developing  and promoting  activities that increase their personal, social, emotional and physical development.Since its inception £85 million has been invested to support this aim.

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Jack Petchey Winners 2017 – 2018

On Tuesday 9th October 2018, Mr Smith and Ms Ereira joined our  2017-18 Jack Petchey award winners and their families at the Jack Petchey Achievement Award Presentation for Waltham Forest schools at Waltham Forest Assembly Hall.

Guests were entertained with a guitar solo, two songs from a young and talented singer, music and a lovely video of the founder of the of the award programme, Sir Jack Petchey CBE.

The fantastic compere, Sasha Hudson, welcomed everyone to the event and the evening’s introduction was made by a former Mayor of Waltham Forest.

Each winner was presented with a beautiful medallion by Former Mayor Terry Wheeler.

In her closing remarks Jane Evans, the Jack Petchey Grants Officer, delivered a lovely inspiring speech telling the young people in the audience to aspire and they can achieve anything.

It was a lovely evening being able to share the success of so many young people with their families and other Waltham Forest schools and colleges. 

We are very proud of our winners:-

Sept 17  BLESSY NEMENZO                                                      

Oct 17    FEYZA YESILDAS                                                         

Nov 17   ASEN IVANOV                                                               

Jan 18    EEMAAN CHAUDHRY                                                 

Feb 18   OLIVIA STANFORD-ROBERTSON                            

Apr 18   JANN RIVERO                                                                

May 18  THARSHAN VIJAYAKUMARAN                                  

Jun 18   ABUBAKAR MUKADAM                                               

Sadly, our March 2018 winner SANIYAH HUSSAIN was unable to attend.

Congratulations to all the award winners for their achievement.

jp winners.JPG

Jack Petchey Achievement Award Presentation at Waltham Forest

On Tuesday 10th October  Mr Smith and Ms Ereira joined our  2016-17 Jack Petchey award winners, and their families, at the Jack Petchey Achievement Award presentation at Waltham Forest Assembly Hall for Waltham Forest schools.

Guests were entertained with dance performances, music  and a lovely video of the founder of the of the award programme, Sir Jack Petchey CBE.

The fantastic compere, Sasha Hudson, welcomed everyone to the event and the evening’s introduction was made by Waltham Forest Police Superintendent Paul Clements.

Each winner was presented with a beautiful medallion by Paul Clements and Schenell Stephens from the Jack Petchey Foundation.

In her closing remarks Schenell delivered a lovely inspiring speech called About You.

It was a lovely evening being able to share the success of so many young people with their families and schools.  We are very proud of our six winners: Abdur Raheem Modan, Jazal Babar, Kira Copland, Lauren Phillips, Valentin Madzharov, Zara Najeeb. Congratulations to them for their achievement.

Jack Petchey Achievement Awards Evening  - Kelmscott School

We celebrated six winners at our Celebration Event on Thursday 29th June.

Abdur Raheem Modan has reached an amazing standard in French. Not only does he speak French around the school, he also reads novels written in French. He has a great sense of humour, loves literature, reading and creative writing. Abdur Raheem is a published author of two books (which are available to buy online).

He is an amazing example of how much a young person can achieve.

Lauren Phillips is consistently hardworking and pleasant to be around. Lauren has represented the school as an Open Week Ambassador, showing around prospective students and parents. Lauren has volunteered to help with our recent Spring Fair, giving up her time on a Saturday to manage a stall and help clear up afterwards. Lauren has taken part in other Eco projects outside of school such as the Big Clean Weekend which saw volunteers clean and tidy our school. Lauren was also praised for her involvement  in the Recycling Rep scheme.

Lauren is now a Youth Health Champion, a peer education programme designed to promote health and well being among young people. Lauren is an excellent role model and her dedication can now be acknowledged.

Zara Najeeb has made an outstanding effort in learning Latin, studying the GCSE syllabus in her own time when she was unable to choose the subject as part of her option choices. Not only has Zara continued to make excellent progress in Latin but she has also maintained her progress levels in other subjects despite studying for an additional GCSE completely outside of lessons.

Zara has shown determination and commitment and we are pleased we can acknowledge and reward her efforts.

Kira Copland has been an exemplary student, both academically and in the wider curriculum. Kira is  a very successful student but she is extremely generous with her knowledge and always willing to help other students who may struggle more than her. Kira's interests and successes are wide ranging being both a successful Latin students and a creative and accomplished artist. Despite working very hard she is always the first to volunteer to help staff and developed a peer mentoring  system for younger students.

We expect Kira to go on to be successful in whatever career she chooses but we feel she deserves recognition before she leaves school.

Jazal Babar has throughout this academic year shown massive progress in Ancient History. Jazal has shown dedication to the subject and a mature, proactive approach to his studies. Due to his hard work and efforts he scored 100% - A* with his subject course work. We hope that this award will encourage him to continue to work hard in this subject. 

Valentin Madhzarov is a dedicated Youth Health Champion member and takes part in numerous  extra-curricular  Eco events such as the Big Dig, Big Clean Up weekend and Spring Fair. Valentin always gives 100% effort in any activity he takes part in and is always willing to go the extra mile. Whenever Valentin is involved in an event he can be relied on to be focused, dedicated, trustworthy and always going over and above what is asked of him. Valentin is an excellent ambassador for the Youth Health Champions and represented the school at London Fire Brigade 150th Anniversary conference. Valentin and will be delivering a  presentation to a large audience attending City Hall for Healthy Schools London Award ceremony. Valentins commitment to this school is fantastic and it is a pleasure to be able to recognise and reward his hard work.