Knife Crime Workshop

On Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st September over 200 pupils from Years 8, 9, 10 and 11 took part in a series of workshop delivered by New City College Redbridge to highlight the reality of knife crime in our society.


During the workshops pupils were given an insight into the laws around being in possession of a knife, repercussions of carrying a knife, being in the company of someone you know to be carrying a weapon, and the impact it can have on the on the perpetrator, their victims and both their families.


Pupils were given the opportunity to review a real case and determine if the punishment given was appropriate and the potential rehabilitation benefits.


Pupils had to decide how to spend £10 million of Government money to highlight and address the dangers of knife crime and to determine which form of promotion has the greatest impact.


The workshops finished with an interactive quiz and prizes were given out by New City College Redbridge.


We would like to thank, Kymberly Billings, William Isaac, Amy Mottram and Siobhan Fitsiou for delivering such an imaginative and information series of workshops.

We thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and commend you on their behaviour and engagement with the workshop, it was a pleasure to meet your students and staff.

Redbridge College staff

The students behaved themselves in a professional manner throughout and it was joy to deliver to such an engaging group of young people.

Redbridge College staff