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Latin Curriculum


Students at Kelmscott School follow the National Curriculum for England taught in all secondary maintained schools.

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Classics Reading 2018 - 2019
Greek Blog

This academic year, 4 members of the Kelmscott teaching staff started to learn Classical Greek. Our aim was to get to a level of proficiency where we felt able to teach this subject to some of our pupils. We already do Latin here, so it felt like learning Classical Greek would be a sensible progression. 


The four members of staff received tuition from a specialist and gave up days in their holidays and stayed behind every Friday to learn this subject. One member of staff has even sat the GCSE exam this year and will receive their examination grade with the Year 11s in August.


Since October there has been a small Year 10 Classical Greek club every Friday lunch time. It started with 2 pupils who had seen the textbooks in my classroom and wanted to know if they could learn it too. Since offering the lunchtime lessons to these 2 pupils, more students have begun to attend. This is surely a clear demonstration of the subject's allure?


We now have a trip to the British Museum booked and a few other Classical Greek ideas in the pipeline - so watch this space!

Mr Hogg

Thank you to the Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies for there generous donation of £846.33 which enabled us to purchase resources for staff and students to study Greek at Kelmscott.


Click on the image above to read the article written by our Head of English and teacher of Latin and Greek at Kelmscott, Mr Hogg.

The article originally appeared in the Journal of Classics Teaching published by Cambridge University Press website.

Thank you to the following organisations for their generosity and continued support enabling us to deliver Latin and Ancient Greek lessons to our students at Kelmscott School.


Primary Latin Grant Fund for their generous donation of £130 towards the purchase of Minimus.

Society of the Promotion of Hellenic Studies for their fantastic donation of £846.33 towards the purchase of resources for staff to study Ancient Greek and offer this to students as an extra-curricular opportunity.



Classics for All for their amazing donation of £880 towards the development of Latin at Kelmscott.

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