Mental Health

Growing up is meant to be one of the very best times in anyone’s life but it can also be tough. 

At least one in four of us will experience problems at some point in our lives. Although mental health issues are relatively common, it is often the case that children and young people don’t get the help they need as quickly as they should. As a result, mental health difficulties such as anxiety, low mood, depression, conduct disorders and eating disorders can stop some young people achieving what they want in life and making a full contribution to society.

One in ten children needs support or treatment for mental health problems. These range from short spells of depression or anxiety through to severe and persistent conditions that can isolate, disrupt and frighten those who experience them. Sometimes it can feel like we don't have any control over what we think or how we feel. But by making simple changes to our lives, we can make a real difference to our mental health.

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How can I get help?

Waltham Forest has a  Child and Family Consultation Services (Mental Health Service, CFCS or CAMHS)

The Child and Family Consultation Services (CFCS) are Waltham Forest's area based specialist mental health team providing support to children, young people and their families. The services are available to families with children & young people from birth to their 18th birthday. (Some of our counselling services work with people up until the age of 21). A referral to CFCS is currently available via the school that the child attends or via your GP

CFCS offers help to children and young people who are experiencing emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties. Support is offered in a variety of settings such as specialist community clinics, home visits, support in schools, and support to hospital paediatric wards and A&E departments.

Support is offered in a variety of ways, in the main this takes the form of face to face talking therapies such as family therapy or counselling. It may involve psychiatric input or medication. Group work is also offered as well as various specialist assessments in such areas as parent & infant mental health or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). CAMHS services work in partnership with other agencies such as education, social services and primary care (GP’s etc.) 

At Kelmscott School, our Youth Health Champions offer drop-in sessions where mental health issues can be discussed. The YHC goal is to enable young people at Kelmscott to act as 'health advisers' to their peers.

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