Kelmscott School received a good judgement from Ofsted in May 2016.

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"Pupils respect each others differences and are supportive of those who are less confident. They feel safe and value being part of the school community."

"Pupils leave the school with levels of progress that are high across a broad range of subjects."

"There are regular extra-curricular enrichment oppourtunities. These support the development of young people who understand and can contribute to life in modern Britain."

"The headteacher has a very good understanding of the school and its wider community. This has enabled her to create a highly supportive environment with a focus on putting learning first."

"Work on literacy has had a significant impact on increasing reading ages and fosterering a strong reading culture."

"Governors have a broad range of skills and are able to provide both effective support and challenge to the school. governors are highly committed and ambitious for pupils to achieve."

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