Parents'/Carers' Evenings

Parents'/Carers' evenings are important because they give you the opportunity to discuss what your child is doing at school and how they are getting on. You can also cover any issues you may want to talk about with one of your child's teachers.


Going to parents'/carers' evenings can help you to become more involved in your child's learning. It helps to give your child good, practical support and to make choices. When schools and parents work together, children do better.

What makes the difference at parents'/carers' evening?

Parents'/carers' evening gives you the opportunity to ask questions and share information about your child and their learning. You can strengthen your partnership with your child's teachers. This helps the teachers to help your child.

Sometimes parents'/carers' find it difficult to attend parents evenings for a number of reasons. They may not have sufficient time to see all their child's teachers. Many schools recognise this and are working with parents to improve the arrangements so that everyone gets the best out of them.