Reading Lessons

Reading lessons take place every week for one hour for years 7,8 and 9 students at Kelmscott school. It is the students' responsibility to bring their current reading book (not an English book) to these lessons.


Students will be given a reading log that they can keep in their journals. We would encourage students to record the names of the books they are reading and how many pages they read a day.

The expectation is that you read a minimum of 100 pages a week. This could be 20 pages every day Monday to Friday or you may choose to read during the weekend. At the end of each week, your parent/carer signs the log to confirm you have been reading. Maybe they could read with you.

During your reading lesson, your teacher will check the log to ensure you have been reading and sign the log for reference.

Tuesday afternoon reading sessions

Reading is extremely important for both kids and adults. It is a way to learn and escape into the world of another person, it is just great to be honest. You can gain knowledge of how lots of people see the world.

Sabrina Sellami 11S

On Tuesday afternoon after school from 3.05pm - 3.30pm all students (yr7 - 11) return to their tutor classrooms and take part in 30 minutes of quite reading. 

This time is beneficial to allow students time to reflect on what they have learnt during the school day and gives them an opportunity to further build on their own vocabulary and improve their understanding.