Leadership Team

Mr S Jones Headteacher

Ms L Dalton Deputy Headteacher

Mrs S Hosein Director of Finance and Administration

Mr M Jones Assistant Headteacher

Mr M Smith  Assistant Headteacher

Ms T Thorp  Assistant Headteacher

Mrs J Tyrell Assistant Headteacher

Ms Briand Associate Assistant Headteacher

Ms Reid Associate Assistant Headteacher

Heads of Year/Assistant Heads of Year

Mr A Lines Head of Year 12

Ms S Mehmet  Head of Year 11

Ms N Phillips  Assistant Head of year 11

Mr S Taylor  Head of Year 10

Ms T Thorp  Head of Year Team and Head of Year 9

Mr T Howell Head of Year 8

Mr K Yilmaz  Head of Year 7

Ms K Shepherd  Assistant Head of Year 7, 8, 9



Mrs S Dempsey  Head of Art

Ms K Longman Head of Literacy 

Ms M Boyle Teacher of Photography and Art

Ms R Begum Communications officer and Media Technician 

Mrs Gillard Art Technician

Heads of Department

Head of Art  Mrs S Dempsey

Head of Business Studies  Mr R Lowe 

Head of Design and Technology  Mr G Maynard

Head of English  Mr D Hogg

Head of EAL  Ms L Dalton

Head of Food  Mrs D Banton

Head of Geography  Mr J Paine

Head of History  Ms M Briand

Head of ICT and Computing  Mr R Lowe

Head of Literacy  Ms K Longman

Head of Maths  Mr J Rumjon

Head of KS3 Maths  Ms S Masters

Head of Modern Foreign Languages  Mr D Ravoux

Head of Numeracy Mrs D Sugathan

Head of PE  Ms M Mandozzi

Head of Post 16 Provision  Mr A Lines

Head of RE and MAP's Ms M Reid

Head of Science KS3  Mr W Ngirandi

Head of Science KS4  Mrs T Moazzam

Head of SEN  Mrs M Codrington

Business Studies

Mr M Smith Head of Business/Assistant Headteacher

Mr R Lowe Head of Computing/IT & Vocational Business Teacher

Ms E.Birarra GCSE Business & Economics Teacher

Design and Technology

Mr G Maynard  Head of Department

Mr H Mandaza Teacher of Resistant Materials

Mr C Siddo  Technician


Ms L Dalton  Head of Department

Mrs C Miron Teacher of EAL

Ms A Herrara  Teacher of EAL

Mrs F Anis  HLTA


Mr D Hogg  Head of Department

Ms L Dalton Deputy Head Teacher

Ms A Kyrou Second in Department

Ms S Morgan English Lead Practitioner

Mrs M Codrington  Head of Year

Ms S Mehmet  Head of Year

Ms A Iqbal 

Mrs J Whatling  

Ms C Meyrick  

Mr M Ahmed

Food Technology

Mrs D Banton  Head of Department

Ms K Longman Literacy coordinator


Mr J Paine  Head of Department

Mr A Beckford


Ms M Briand  Head of Department

Mr K Yilmaz  Head of Year

Mr I Revis Teacher of History

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Mr D Ravoux  Head of Department

Ms C Feuille  Teacher of French and Spanish

Mrs R Shahid Teacher of Urdu

Mrs R Najib Teacher of Urdu

Ms T Thorp  Assistant Headteacher and Head of Spanish

Mr Perez Teacher 

Performing Arts

Mrs K Lawrance Head of Department Teacher of Drama

Mr S Hill Teacher of Music

Physical Education (PE)

Ms M Mandozzi  Head of Department

Mr S Jones Headteacher

Mr T Howell  Head of Year

Ms N Phillips  Assistant Head of Year

Mr M Smith  Assistant Head

Religious Studies (RS)

Ms M Reid  Head of Department

Mrs S Passa  Second in Department

Ms S Ahmed  Teacher of RE

Ms S Syeda


Mr R Lowe  Head of Department

Mr S Taylor  Head of Year

Mr M Jones Assistant Head Teacher

Ms A Riaz Teacher of ICT 


Mr J Rumjon  Head of Department

Ms S Masters Head of KS3 Maths

Mrs J Tyrell  Maths Lead Practitioner/Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs D Sugathan  Teacher of Maths and Numeracy Coordinator

Mrs P Irinyuze  Teacher of Maths

Ms Ali Teacher of Maths

Mr Hassan Teacher of Maths

Ms S Cevik


Mr W Ngirandi  Head of Science KS3

Mrs T Moazzam  Head of Science KS4

Mrs Y Espinosa  Second in Department

Ms S Aktar Teacher of Science

Mrs C Ene  Teacher of Science

Ms M Kelly Teacher of Science

Ms J Yasmin Teacher of Science

Mr A Hassan Teacher of Science 

Mr D Cherrington Technician

Ms Z Tariq Technician

Special Education Needs (SEN)

Mrs M Codrington  Head of Department

Mrs L Davis   Senior Learning Support Assistant

Ms B Lister Learning Support Assistant

Ms J Bridger Learning Support Assistant

Ms L Miller Learning Support Assistant

Teaching and Learning Support

Mrs M Hamilton  Inclusion Centre Manager

Ms T Stoffell  School Nurse

Mr T Rolfe  Learning Mentor

Ms J Elvey Learning Mentor

Mrs K Shepherd  HLTA

Ms E Charles Teaching Assistant

Ms N Pandor  Admin and Welfare Assistant

Administration and Finance Team

Ms S Hosein Director of Finance and Administration

Mr K Desoisa  Network Manager

Ms P Ereira  Funding and Facilities Manager

Ms A  Scotchmer Head Teachers P.A.

Mrs A Enver-Yusuf  Administrator (Staffing support and personnel)

Mr A Nidal  Administrator (Staffing support and personnel)

Mrs C Foulser  Assessment and Reports

Ms E Burgess  Administrator (Staffing support and personnel)

Ms L Adams  Administrator (Attendance)

Ms J Jolly Administrator (Marketing and Reprographics)

Ms L Cottrell  Finance and Admin Officer

Ms L Dowsett Learning Resources Officer (Library)

Ms N Tobierrie  Student data and GDPR

Mrs P Andrews  Administrator  (Stakeholder services)

Mrs S Khan  Finance Officer

Mrs A Downer Administrator 

Mr  S Madge  Sims and  Exams Manager

Mr T John  IT Technician

Mrs S Sattar Administrator

Premises Staff

Mr C Manning  Site Manager

Mr H Page  Site Officer

Ms E Hysenas  House Keeper

Mr A Smith  Gardener

Catering Staff

Ms H Tajah  Catering Assistant

L.Bruce  Catering Assistant

M. Drammeh Catering Assistant

Mr J Patrick  Catering Assistant

Ms A Asania  Midday Assistant

Ms A Gedi  Midday Assistant

Mrs S Gayaf Midday Assistant

Fire Marshalls

C Manning

S Hosein

K Desoisa

P Ereria

L Cottrell

T John

S Madge

First Aiders

N Tobierrie

T Stoffell (School Nurse)

C Foulser




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