Stop the Violence

Kelmscott’s Youth Health Champions supports campaign that addresses violence against women and girls in Waltham Forest


  • Kelmscott Secondary School supports campaign raising awareness around violence against girls and women on Friday 8 June


  • 10 Youth Health Champions in Kelmscott have been trained in VAWG, and have led on delivering 5 assemblies in their school to raise awareness about the issues


  • The VAWG project team in Waltham Forest are working in 7 schools in Waltham Forest and other voluntary sector partners



Students from Kelmscott Secondary School are supporting the Stop the Silence campaign this June with students making a silent protest to raise awareness of issues faced by women and girls who have been victims of violence.  Money raised will be donated to Haven or Solace Waltham Forest


The campaign urges all parts of the community including schools, police, residents and faith groups to support victims so they can speak up and share their stories.


As part of the school’s ongoing work with the council’s Violence Against Women and Girls(VAWG) programme, Year 10 VAWG Peer Champions will be silent for one lesson each, before and after school and during all break times.  


Kelmscott peer champions have held five assemblies on different types of VAWG to each year group, a campaign raising awareness of VAWG issues, an exhibition now being showcased in a local art gallery and a VAWG peer-to-peer support team which offers support to young people. 


Peer Champion’s Head of Year, Sarah Dempsey said, “We too often get to hear in the news about the extreme gang and youth on youth violence in the streets of London. We don’t always hear about the day to day domestic violence that is hidden behind closed doors that   

our students have brought to the fore so creatively in their VAWG campaign. Their passion, commitment and sense of teamwork make me feel proud to be their Head of Year.’’



Notes to editors:


  • Date and time of event: Friday 8 June with a photo opportunity with the students between 1.10-2.05pm.


  • Venue: Kelmscott School, 245 Markhouse Road, Walthamstow, London, E17 8DN


  • People affected by VAWG you can call the national domestic violence helpline on 0808 2000 247


  • Young people experiencing abuse by gangs can contact Safer London–



  • Ashiana Network (South Asian, Turkish & Iranian women) - 020 8539 0427


Kelmscott’s Youth Health Champions supports campaign that addresses violence


Cllr Asghar said, “At a time when youth violence is making headline news and there are real concerns about safety in the community, it’s great to see the positive work of our Youth Health champions addressing the issues faced by young women who are victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and exploitation’’


‘’ We recognise that to end this pervasive issue we need to take holistic approaches including working with communities, addressing the attitudes and beliefs that propagate violence as well, supporting women and girls who have experienced abuse. If you or anyone you know have been affected by VAWG don’t hesitate to call the national domestic violence helpline on 0808 2000 247’’.


The council’s VAWG team in partnership with Safer London, Asiana, ELOP and Respond, is working in 7 secondary schools across the borough to combat attitudes to violence against women and girls and embed key messages about gender equality, healthy relationships and child protection across the whole school environment.  Schools are instrumental to taking a prevention and early intervention approach to VAWG, becoming initial points of engagement for young people. 


In addition to their work in schools, the VAWG and Safer London teams are delivering a number of programmes in the borough including


  • Young Men’s Programme – holistic 10 week programme for men to explore masculine identity, self-esteem, peer and social pressure.


  • Women’s Programmes – for young women at risk of gang exploitation focusing on self-esteem, safety, healthy relationship and future ambitions


  • One to one support for women experiencing violence or sexual exploitation