Our vision of teaching and learning in Kelmscott School is to ensure it provides the best possible opportunity for pupils of all abilities and backgrounds to reach their fullest potential.

At the heart of our vision is a commitment to equality of opportunity and a celebration of diversity. Our motto 'Putting Learning First' is testament to our belief in the importance of the child and our recognition that achievement will occur where pupils are nurtured in a stimulating and safe environment where learning is paramount.

We understand the importance of teaching and learning within the classroom whilst also recognising the need to promote learning through all other areas of the schools work.

Our vision is to ensure that all staff understand the link between good teaching and effective learning and therefore strive continually to improve their practice in order to create the best environment in which to learn.

Our ultimate vision is to ensure that through our teaching and learning policy we equip our pupils with the skills, knowledge and understanding to take their place as valued citizens able to take a place in adult society.

School Aims

1.To encourage an atmosphere of high expectations and the pursuit of excellence.

2.To ensure every pupil has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

3.To provide a broad and balanced curriculum which enables pupils to achieve their best in all areas of their educational experience.

4.To establish the school as a centre of learning which aims to raise standards.

5.To offer the same opportunity to all pupils.