The Youth Health Movement and Youth Health Champion programme stems from a new qualification targeted at school students aged 14 - 18. It's goal is to enable young people to act as 'health advisers' to their peers.

We, as Kelmscott School Youth Champions, believe that being healthy is not only the state of being free of free from illness and injury, but also your mental well being.

Our aim is to give young people the skills, the knowledge and confidence to act as peer educators, increasing awareness of healthy lifestyles and encouraging involvement  in activities to promote good health across the community and educational settings.

To find a Youth Health Champion , we will be wearing a purple badge which says 'Youth Health Champion' and a green armband. Futhermore, we will be in the POD (next to the library) Tuesday and Thursday break times if you have any questions.

Youth Health Champions 2018 - 2019

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Youth Health Champions from Kelmscott School in Walthamstow have successfully secured a £1,000 grant from the Mayor of London to deliver a campaign highlighting period poverty


Youth Health Champions from Kelmscott School in Walthamstow have successfully secured a £1,000 grant from the Mayor of London to deliver a campaign highlighting period poverty

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Healthy Schools London Celebration Event

On 28th of June 2018 the YHC and VAWG Champions attended the Healthy Schools London celebration event at City Hall where we received the Gold Award.

At this event we heard different stories from different people as they told us about their experiences and how their school carried out different healthy campaigns.

It was very inspiring for us to see how young school representatives perceived their messages about sexual health and other mature topics.

Finally with great pleasure we were allowed to gain a gold award for our school which was presented to us by Joanne McCartney, the Deputy Mayor of London. It was a huge honour for us as a team to attend the award together as we felt totally privileged that not only did our school gain their second award, but we were the only secondary school in Walthamstow to gain a gold award.

Subhana and Hani

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Stop The Violence

Kelmscott’s Youth Health Champions supports campaign that addresses violence against women and girls in Waltham Forest


  • Kelmscott Secondary School supports campaign raising awareness around violence against girls and women on Friday 8 June


  • 10 Youth Health Champions in Kelmscott have been trained in VAWG, and have led on delivering 5 assemblies in their school to raise awareness about the issues


  • The VAWG project team in Waltham Forest are working in 7 schools in Waltham Forest and other voluntary sector partners



Students from Kelmscott Secondary School are supporting the Stop the Silence campaign this June with students making a silent protest to raise awareness of issues faced by women and girls who have been victims of violence.  Money raised will be donated to Haven or Solace Waltham Forest


The campaign urges all parts of the community including schools, police, residents and faith groups to support victims so they can speak up and share their stories.


As part of the school’s ongoing work with the council’s Violence Against Women and Girls(VAWG) programme, Year 10 VAWG Peer Champions will be silent for one lesson each, before and after school and during all break times.  


Kelmscott peer champions have held five assemblies on different types of VAWG to each year group, a campaign raising awareness of VAWG issues, an exhibition now being showcased in a local art gallery and a VAWG peer-to-peer support team which offers support to young people. 


Peer Champion’s Head of Year, Sarah Dempsey said, “We too often get to hear in the news about the extreme gang and youth on youth violence in the streets of London. We don’t always hear about the day to day domestic violence that is hidden behind closed doors that   

our students have brought to the fore so creatively in their VAWG campaign. Their passion, commitment and sense of teamwork make me feel proud to be their Head of Year.’’



Notes to editors:


  • Date and time of event: Friday 8 June with a photo opportunity with the students between 1.10-2.05pm.


  • Venue: Kelmscott School, 245 Markhouse Road, Walthamstow, London, E17 8DN


  • People affected by VAWG you can call the national domestic violence helpline on 0808 2000 247


  • Young people experiencing abuse by gangs can contact Safer London–



  • Ashiana Network (South Asian, Turkish & Iranian women) - 020 8539 0427


Kelmscott’s Youth Health Champions supports campaign that addresses violence


Cllr Asghar said, “At a time when youth violence is making headline news and there are real concerns about safety in the community, it’s great to see the positive work of our Youth Health champions addressing the issues faced by young women who are victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and exploitation’’


‘’ We recognise that to end this pervasive issue we need to take holistic approaches including working with communities, addressing the attitudes and beliefs that propagate violence as well, supporting women and girls who have experienced abuse. If you or anyone you know have been affected by VAWG don’t hesitate to call the national domestic violence helpline on 0808 2000 247’’.


The council’s VAWG team in partnership with Safer London, Asiana, ELOP and Respond, is working in 7 secondary schools across the borough to combat attitudes to violence against women and girls and embed key messages about gender equality, healthy relationships and child protection across the whole school environment.  Schools are instrumental to taking a prevention and early intervention approach to VAWG, becoming initial points of engagement for young people. 


In addition to their work in schools, the VAWG and Safer London teams are delivering a number of programmes in the borough including


  • Young Men’s Programme – holistic 10 week programme for men to explore masculine identity, self-esteem, peer and social pressure.


  • Women’s Programmes – for young women at risk of gang exploitation focusing on self-esteem, safety, healthy relationship and future ambitions


  • One to one support for women experiencing violence or sexual exploitation


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Eye Health Awareness

Click on the image to read more about looking after your eyes.


Year 10 Health and Wellbeing Carousel Day 


On Thursday 12th October 2017 the Youth Health Champions held a carousel day for all Year 10 pupils in the hall.

As part of the role the YHC aim to educate and inform young people about a wide range of health topics and issues affecting them today and this event is the perfect opportunity to deliver this message in a fun and interactive way.

The YHC members not only had to manage the event and look after our guests, but they also had to take it in turns to deliver their own message, the Eye Heroes programme,  which aims to raise awareness of the importance of regular eye tests and eye health.

Other information available related to personal safety, healthy relationships, personal safety, stop smoking services, dementia awareness, mental health, healthy eating and drug awareness.

Our own School Nurse gave tips and advice on how to manage exam stress and Walthamstow Leisure Centre brought along two bosu balls for the pupils to test their core stability and balance skills.

 Jason and Charlotte from the London Fire Brigade brought along uniforms, breathing apparatus and a “victim” for pupils to rescue from a mock smoke filled room. Jessica Tunks (YHC member) and Molly Waterfall achieved the best time of just over 26 seconds to save the casualty – an amazing time and thanks to excellent communication skills.                                                                                                                       

In the afternoon session 14 lucky pupils were treated to a relaxing mindfulness session to help them learn how to relax.

Feedback from our Year 10s has been incredibly positive with an overwhelming majority having enjoyed the event and found the information incredibly useful.

For their first event the YHC performed incredibly well and our guests praised their enthusiasm, manners, hospitality, commitment and knowledge.  Guests praised our Year 10s for their engagement and politeness.

Well done to the YHC, Jessica, Ida, Sarthak, Olivia, Hani, Subhana, Lauren and Isaq.

We could not hold such events without the incredibly support we receive from a large number of people and organisations and we would like to thank the following people of making this day so successful and for giving up their time to support it:

Charlotte Fitzsimmons – Waltham Forest, London Fire Brigade

Jason Neat – Waltham Forest, London Fire Brigade

Jamie Jenkins - Borough Commander Waltham Forest, London Fire Brigade

PC Denise Warner —School’s Officer, Metropolitan Police

PC Jesse Nixon Rowe- School’s Officer, Metropolitan Police

Brigitte McCormack - CamQuit Coordinator, Everyone Health

Lorraine Barnes – Stop Smoking Practitioner, Everyone Health

Zaya Fullerton   - LBWF Public Health Strategist- Child and Maternal Health

Swabrina Nkoju- LBWF Public Health Strategist   - Engagement

Kirsty Partridge – Service Lead, 722 YP substance use service

Joanne Bullar—Dementia Development Practitioner, Waltham Forest

Fiona Cronin – Dementia Action Alliance Waltham Forest

Reece Omadeli – Walthamstow Leisure centre

Noel Beckford - Walthamstow Leisure centre

Amanda Croskell – Young Peron’s Advocate, Safer London

Diane Bruce - Art Psychotherapist – Waltham Forest CAMHS Primary Mental Health Team

Andrew Davies - Schools Coordinator, Eye Heroes

Kelmscott Staff; Ms Stoffell, Mr Benson and Mr Godfrey

Read through the poem below from a Kelmscott student.

Youth Health Champions can be identified by their purple badge and green lanyard with ID card. They have two drop in sessions each week –


Tuesday         1.15-2.00


Friday             10.50-11.10  


Parent Room at the front of the school.

Healthy Schools Award Ceremony

On Thursday 29th June Kelmscott school attended the Healthy Schools Award Ceremony at City Hall to collect our Silver Award.

Kelmscott's YHC were invited by the Mayor's office to devlier a presentation about their role, the impact their work has had on them and their community and the work they have undertaken to support Kelmscott's Silver Award. They were the only YHC to be asked and the only young people to present on their own.

Receiving our Healthy Schools London Silver Award from Joanne McCartney - Deputy Mayor for Education and Childcare

YHC members and Claire Mulrenan, Public Health Strategist for London Borough of Waltham Forest

New Youth Health Champions


On 13th and 14th of June our new cohort of Youth Health Champions joined the new YHC from Buxton, Connaught and Rushcroft schools to undertake the first part of their formal training by attending a two day training event. 

Alix Sheppard of Health Talks led the new members through topics such as:

Mental Health

Risk factors


5 steps to good mental wellbeing

Healthy relationships


Drug and alcohol awareness and affects

Good nutrition

Alix explained to the YHC the role as members, what they were and were not expected to do and how to. The YHC were given information about running health campaigns, the variety of topics they can cover and different methods they could use.

At the end of the two days each member sat the Unit 1 test. The have three other units to complete, researching facilities, delivering a campaign and another optional unit. The three units form part of a portfolio they need to submit before the end of the summer term.

It was an intensive two days but the groups worked very hard. Kelmscott delivered a fantastic presentation on anti-bullying, highlighting the various types of bullying, where it can happen and places the victim and the bully can go to for help.


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The new cohort of YHC are keen to get started with their campaigns and are already working on their first two - watch this space for more information.

Congratulations and welcome to our new YHC for 2017 - 2018

Subhana Bhatti 10K

Olivia Stanford-Robertson 10C

Hani Abdullah 10K

Jessica Tunks 10S

Ida Saidy 10K

Lauren Philips 10L

Isaq Sabir 10L

Sarthak Sharma 10L

What are mind apples?

We should take care of our minds as we do our bodies. Mind apples can hep us to do this by by getting us to think about the way we look after our minds. These mind apples were completed by year 7 students, members of Kelmscott Governing Body, the YHC and others. Please take a few minutes to read them.

What would be on your apple?

Youth Health Champions

YHC members deliver Healthy Eating and Mental Well Being programmes to KS2 students at George Mitchell School

On Thursday 18th May six YHC members went to George Mitchell School to deliver lessons covering healthy eating and mental health well being to four year 5 and year 6 classes.

Loui and Valentin were very brave and taught a class on their own.


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Mental Health Training

In preparation for Mental Health Awareness week 8th - 14th May, seven members of YHC visited Leytonstone school on Friday 24th March to undertake some training. They were joined by YHC representatives from Leytonstone School and Willowfield School.

It was a great oppourtunity for the YHC from different schools to work togehter, share ideas, discuss campaigns and compare the work and training they have all undertaken.

Claire Mulrenan LBWF Public Health Strategist, started the session with a True/False quiz about mental health statistics. It was shocking to learn that:

-75% of all adult mental health problems being before the age of 18

-1 in 10 children, aged 5-16, so approx 3 students in every class, suffers from a diagosable mental health disorder. A further 15% have less severe problems that put them at risk.

-Up to 95% of imprisoned young offenders have a mental health disorder

-The cost of mental health disorder for the English Economy have recently been estimated at £105 billion per year.

-In a UNICEF survey in 2007 the UK ranked the bottom on children's well-being compared with North America and 18 European countries.

Attendees watched a short but powerful film called The Stand Up Kid (see the link on the left), a fictional classroom setting which depicts the difficulties that young people with mental health issues face.

The next task was to look at the use of neutral, acceptable positive language and the use of unacceptable, negative, and judgemental language associated with mental health issues and the impact this may have.

YHC Events