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How can I prepare my child for Secondary School?

Get your child organised with the correct equipment and uniform. Make sure they are aware of what time school starts and how to get to school. See the parents section for more detailed answers.

What time does the school day start?

Tutor time starts at 8.35am every morning. Your child is expected to be standing outside their tutor base ready to start the day.

What happens if my child is late?

If your child arrives late they will be marked late on the morning register.  Students who are late for school will be detained at the end of the day to send a clear message that they must arrive on time in future.

During the morning during tutor time, valuable information is discussed with students which enables them to understand what is going on during the school day.

What if my child is absent?

You must call the school office between 8am to 8.30am stating your child's name, form and the reason why they are absent. The school telephone number is 0208 521 2115. You will need to call each morning your child is not in school unless you have spoken to the attendance officer in advance.

Doctor, dentist and hospital appointments

The expectation is that you arrange doctor and dentist appointments for your child outside the school day 8.30 am - 3:10pm. Most doctor and dentist surgeries are now open until 6 or 7pm.

We appreciate sometimes you may be given an appointment during the school day. If your child has to leave school outside the school day we require a note from you written in your child's journal explaining the reason for the absence.

What if my child is not in the correct uniform?

All students are made aware of our school uniform requirements. If a student comes into school wearing an incorrect uniform they may be isolated with their Head of Year or form tutor. We may call you to ask you to bring in the correct uniform. See the parent section for clearer details about the school uniform.

What about if I want to take my child out of school?

If you would like your child to miss school for a holiday or special event you need to write to the headteacher in advance and he will let you know his outcome.

My child has a medical condition/ medication, who do I speak to?

At Kelmscott we have a student health manager called Ms Stoffell. Please call the main switchboard (0208 521 2115) and ask to speak to her. It is very important she is made aware of any medical conditions, allergies or medicines concerning your child.

How do I speak to a member of staff?

Please call the main switchboard (0208 521 2115) during school hours 8.30am - 3.05pm and ask to speak to that particular staff member. Most staff members may be unavailable as they are teaching. If you leave a message with a contact telephone number they can call you back when they are free.

I would like to meet a member of staff?

You will need to contact the member of staff by phone in advance to arrange a meeting which is suitable for both of you. 

What time does the school day finish?

Every day, school finishes at 3:10pm

Teachers may give students detentions after school as a form of sanction for a short time. For longer detentions, staff will give you 24 hours notice by writing a note in your child's journal or advising students verbally.

My child has lost their journal?

They will need to see their Head of Year and buy another one. Your child is given a free journal in September with the expectation that they do not lose it.

I need to drop off shoes/lunch money/PE kit/equipment for my child.

Please leave it at the main reception clearly marked with your child's name and form.


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