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Information for Parents & New Students 

Kelmscott School Uniform

All students must wear school uniforms. We believe this to be very important for a number of reasons, notably, as it gives a sense of belonging which can help in many aspects of school life. No item of school uniform should follow the changes of popular fashion; such styles are usually unsuitable and occasionally unsafe for the busy life of a co-educational school.

To this end, we ask that parents/carers give us full support in ensuring their children wear the correct uniform at all times. Full details of the correct uniform requirements are found within the journal.

Girls Uniform

  • Navy blazer with school badge

  • White formal shirt (short or long sleeve)

  • School tie (different for each year group; colour for new Year 7 available from Fashion Fair - see below for details)

  • Mid-grey tailored trousers or knee-length A-line skirt or shalwar kameez

  • Navy blue hijab

  • Black shoes (no trainers)

  • Plain ‘natural’ colour or black tights

Boys Uniform

  • Navy blazer with school badge

  • White formal shirt (short or long sleeve).

  • School tie (different for each year group; colour for new Year 7 is available from Fashion Fair - see below for details).

  • Mid-grey trousers

  • Black shoes (no trainers)

  • Black socks

Caps, hats and hoods are not part of the uniform and must be removed when inside the school building. 

Our community partner Fashion Fair will be able to supply all aspects of the uniform at a reasonable price. Alternatively, other suppliers may stock standard items.

Fashion Fair

184-186 High Street


E17 7JH

PE Kit

Red polo shirt with school logo

Red sweatshirt with school logo

Black tracksuit bottoms or plain black shorts with the school logo on

White soled or non-marking sports trainers (to prevent marking Sports or Gym floors)

Gloves and hats (not baseball caps or peaked caps of any kind) allowed outside in cold conditions.

PE Lessons and Valuables

During PE lessons pupils must remove all items of jewellery. It is the responsibility of pupils to hand in all valuables to PE staff at the beginning of the lesson. The PE staff cannot be responsible for any valuables left in the changing rooms.

If stud earrings are new and cannot be removed, pupils must ensure they have plasters with them to stick over them to prevent injury. Please note that all religious jewellery must be removed during lessons for health and safety of the pupils.


It is important that students have the correct equipment/stationary to enable them to complete tasks to the best of their ability at school and home. Not having the correct equipment in class can be very disruptive and a distraction from teaching.

Students need to bring to school every day in their pencil cases:

2x black pens

1x red pen



Sharpener and rubber



Reading Book

We would also suggest students have access at home to:

Colouring pencils


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