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My Ed - Parent App

My Ed - Parent App

MyEd allows you to view information and keep up to date with what’s going on at Kelmscott. We have an ability to share a variety of information with parents and carers, including attendance, behaviour and school reports.

School Information

Easily access school information on the move allowing you solve problems or to answer important questions that you or your child may have.

How can parents/carers download the MyEd App? 


The MyEd app is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded using the links as follows:




Once a parent/carer has downloaded the app and connected to your school, they are immediately able to start communicating by sending absence messages or replying to messages sent by your school. 

  • When the parent/carer has opened the MyEd app on their device, they will receive a request to allow notifications, it is essential to allow notifications. 

  • They will need to search for your school name and enter the details for Name, Mobile Number and Email. 

  • After that, click the Link Account hyperlink and a security code is sent to the mobile number given. Enter the security code in the field and then click the Create Account hyperlink. The parent/carer will need to wait for a period of time before they can view and access the sections on the app.

  • IRIS Reach checks the mobile number provided by the user matches the number attributed to the contact in your MIS (Management Information System)

    • If this number is correct the relevant students are displayed on the My Students screen. 

    • If this number does not match and/or is not attributed to a priority 1/parental responsibility contact in our MIS (Management Information System), then the My Students screen is displayed as 'No Students Found'.

    • If a parent/carer has more than one child in your school and the parent/carer clicks the My Students button, the relevant students are displayed.

  • The parent/carer can tap the name of the relevant student and the MyEd app displays details applicable to the student only.  The following graphic is an example of the My Students screen on the MyEd app.


"A Parent's View"

"I'm really pleased with how the first year has gone. The app makes it really easy for me to help my son be organised and ready for each day as well as see his engagement in lessons via the reward points.  He has really enjoyed new subjects that aren't taught at primary such as Resistant Materials and has gradually grown in confidence to become involved in more clubs.  The care you took of the Year 7s in the first two weeks set the foundation for my son to settle in and enjoy his first year. Thank you"

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I have downloaded the app and added the school today, why can’t I see my child’s details?

You need to wait overnight for the systems to update and load the child’s data to the Student section of the app.


Q2. I downloaded the app and added the school over 24 hours ago, why can’t I see my child’s details in the Student section?

Are you registered as a Priority 1 contact on your child’s record with the school?

Yes - contact the school to check the mobile phone number you are using matches the one on your child’s record

No/I don’t know - contact the school to check this and have the record updated if necessary

Please note: where updates are made to student records, you will need to wait overnight for the changes to take effect.

Once any necessary updates have been made and you have waited overnight for the changes to take effect, in the rare event that you are still unable to access your child’s details, please contact the school so that the issue can be escalated to MyEd Technical Support to try to resolve the problem.


Q3. I have access to my child’s details in the app but my husband/wife/partner hasn’t, can 2 parents/carers have access to the same student in the app?

Yes, as long as both parents are set as Priority 1 contacts on the child’s record, they can both have access.  Please contact the school to check your child’s record and have it updated where necessary.


Q4. I had the app on another phone and could see my child’s details on it, but I've put it on a new phone and now I can’t see their details, why isn’t it working on my new phone?

Have you changed your mobile number?  If so you will need to contact the school to have your child’s record updated so that it will link to the app.  Remember that you will then need to wait overnight for your child’s data to load to the app.


Q5. I already have one child on the app so why can’t I see my other child that has just joined the school?

You will only see your child’s details in the app once they are on roll and have started at the school.  If this is the case, please see the guidance in questions 1 and 2 above.

Q6. Why are some buttons greyed out in the Student section?

This just means there is no current information available for the student under this button.


Q7. Can I protect the MyEd App with a PIN code?

Yes, go to settings in the app (tap the small square made up of 3 short horizontal lines) there you can select security settings and set a PIN code or Face ID for access.


Q8. Can messages be translated from/to different languages?

Yes, however not all languages are available and only messages will be translated, not attachments or forms.  Please contact the school to see if your language is available and we can set this up for you if it is.


Q9. The school sent me a form to complete but I've deleted the link, where can I find the form?

Go to the Student section of the app and tap the Forms button to access forms you’ve been sent.  Please note that if you tap a form and you get a message that it has expired, it means you have missed the deadline.  


Q10. There are two message windows, which one should I use?

To report absences, use the ‘Absence Hotline’ window, for everything else use the ‘Kelmscott School’ window.


Q11. Will I get a response when I report my child’s absence via the app?

If we need further details our Attendance Officer will contact you.  It is helpful if at the point you report absence, you supply a photograph/screenshot of any evidence you have to support the absence, such as an appointment card.


Q12. Can I update the details through the app?

Yes, in settings there is an ‘update details’ button you can use to tell us about a change in your name, email address and contact number.  Please note the following when updating details:

▫ You must NOT update using any of your child’s details, for example you can’t use your child’s email address or phone number

▫ The changes are checked before records are updated, so please do not press the submit button multiple times

▫ If you change your telephone number, we will call you to verify this change


If you are experiencing any difficulties or issues not covered in the section above please contact with ‘MyEd Query’ in the subject line.  Please give as many details as possible with your query, where appropriate, such as the device you are using, the version of MyEd you are using (which can be found by tapping the small square made up of 3 short horizontal lines on the App main screen) and screenshots of any error messages etc to support your query.  These details may be necessary for us to escalate an issue to MyEd Technical Support.  

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