Exam Information

At Kelmscott, we are bound by strict examination rules set by the examination boards; failure to follow these rules could lead to students being disqualified. A list of the current examination rules and guidance can be downloaded below and displayed both outside and inside the examination rooms.

Knowing when your exams are will be vital to successful planning and revision. The current exam timetables and seating plans will be displayed on this page as and when they are available. You can view each document and note down your seat number for each exam on the set page in your journal.


If you have any further concerns, please contact the exams officer, who will be happy to help with any concerns you may have.

Exam Dates 2021/2022

Year 11 Autumn Internal Exams

Cambridge Nat. Enterprise Exam

Cambridge Nat. Info Tech Exam

Year 11 Spring Internal Exams

Year 9 In-Class Exams & CATs

Year 7 In-Class Exams

Year 8 In-Class Exams

GCSE June External Exam Series

Year 10 Internal Exams

8th November – 19th November 2021

Wednesday 12th January 2022 AM

Wednesday 12th January 2022 PM

31st January – 11th February 2022

7th March – 18th March 2022

9th May – 20th May 2022

9th May – 20th May 2022

16th May – 28th June 2022

20th June – 1st July 2022

These dates will be an overview of when examinations will be taking place.

Please refer to the exam timetables for full details as they are published.

Seating Plans

You can view your seat numbers for each exam when they are available.

Please ensure you write where you are sitting for each exam in your journal.

Exam Timetables

You can view and download the timetables below when they are available.

JCQ Rules & Regulations
Students, please ensure you read and understand the "Information for Candidates" documents.
(Link will take you to the JCQ website): https://www.jcq.org.uk/exams-office/information-for-candidates-documents/