Kelmscott is an equal opportunities employer. To view our Equal Opportunity Policy (.doc) and Prevention of Illegal Working document, click on the links above.​

Kelmscott School is a highly ambitious school in the heart of East London. Waltham Forest (London Borough of Culture 2019) reaps the benefits of the character, diversity and cultures within our borough, the things we have in common and the things that make us different. Our school motto is ‘Putting Learning First’ something that we hold dear. We also have a yearly mantra which this year is ‘Be Strong, Be Cheerful, Be Brave". We hope this language gives you a good indication of what we value as a school. Teachers at our school are happy and as a result, we have low staff turnover. Staff wellbeing and work-life balance is a priority for us as we believe that our staff, work at their best when they are also able to commit fully to their family and personal lives. Behaviour of students at Kelmscott is exemplary. Our behaviour systems are designed to allow teachers to teach and our students to learn. Our classrooms are ‘disruption free’ something we would be happy to show you.


Ofsted has recently inspected the school and graded us as a good school. We are pleased that the inspection team were able to witness two very typically exciting and inspiring days here.


Vision: Our vision of teaching and learning at Kelmscott School is to ensure it provides the best possible opportunity for students of all abilities and backgrounds to reach their fullest potential.


Our school is on an exciting journey which we would love for you to be part of. We have what we believe to be a number of unique selling points that all our visitors experience first-hand when they come to our school. To get a flavour of these USPs, do have a look at our Twitter @KelmscottSchool.


As well as a supportive and friendly environment, Kelmscott offers a range of interesting employee benefits including:


  • Regular staff breakfast

  • Reduced gym membership at Walthamstow Leisure Centre

  • No staff meeting either side of a school holiday

  • Increased usage of live marking to manage teacher's workload