Key Information

Kelmscott School Summer Programme 2021

The school targeted students from Year 6, 7 and 8 as they had been the most disadvantaged by school closures over the lockdown periods.

The aim was to offer an informal opportunity to for students coming into the school (Year 6) to increase self-confidence by familiarising themselves with the school site, staff and peers in preparation for their start in September.

For Year 7 students, going into Year 8, the programme was focussed on increasing self-confidence in preparation for lessons out of ‘bubbles’, broadening horizons and self-awareness and raising expectations.

All students within those year groups were offered a one-week (4 day) programme consisting of literacy and numeracy catch-up, enrichment activities and activities to support the transition from primary to secondary school.

Split into three sessions per day, each day started with a free healthy breakfast. This allowed working parents to engage with the programme, established a positive morning routine and provided an informal supervised environment for participants to socialise with others outside of their year group and staff, building confidence and self-esteem.

This environment was repeated for lunchtime where along with a free hot lunch and live background guitar music, students were encouraged to explore and make use of all 3 outside areas of the school.

During the day, students were grouped and timetabled for the main three sessions of the curriculum which all included an aspect of literacy or numeracy.

These were:

  • Food preparation, healthy eating choices, healthy low-cost alternatives to family favourites such as pizza

  • Team building games and orienteering

  • Dance

  • Drama

  • Sports

  • Music

The programme was well attended with a total of 133 students attending for at least one day. In week one, the highest number of attendees was 86 and in week two this rose to 118 as many returned for a second week having enjoyed the first so much.

Our expenditure for the programme was £47,419.69 which covered the costs of:

  • Curriculum design, programme and lesson planning, site preparation and communications/marketing: £4,861.45

  • Staff for session delivery and activities, safeguarding, supervision, catering, administration and leadership: £31,301.52

  • Food, utilities, resources and equipment: £11,256.72