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Key Information

Attendance & Punctuality at Kelmscott

  • Students who arrive late for school should sign in at student services, located at the front office

  • AM registration is at 8:40am, students need to be in the school building by 8:35am.  PM registration is at 1:40pm, The PM register is the register taken at the beginning of P5.

  • Any student arriving after 8:40am will be given a one hour detention to be completed after school, on the same day.  Failure to attend may result in additional consequences.

  • Arrival of a student after the register has been taken but before the register closes will be recorded as late (L) for that session.

  • Arrival more than 20 minutes after the register has closed requires a reason to be provided by the parent.  U code may be entered on the register.  13 or more U codes in one academic year may result in the issue of a Fixed Penalty Notice fine of £120 per parent per child (reduces to £60 if paid within 21 days) 

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