West Waltham Partnership

West Walthamstow Partnership (WWP) was formed in 2018 by the Head Teachers of seven local schools - five primary and two secondary: Stoneydown, Coppermill, Barn Croft, Church Hill, Low Hall Nursery, Willowfield and Kelmscott.

The partnership shows our commitment to working alongside each other, rather than in competition, for the benefit of our pupils, our staff and our families. All seven schools are fully committed to providing our students with a rounded curriculum and serving our local communities.

To date, we have:

  • set up networks for safeguarding leads, school business managers, governors and subject leaders

  • delivered a joint whole-day INSET on different topics such as literacy and numeracy, which involved all teachers from each of the five schools working together

  • devised inter-school curriculum projects

  • successfully bid for a grant, ‘Breaking Down Barriers’, to provide workshops for our community.