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Sustainability & Climate Change

At Kelmscott we are fully committed to ensuring that the environment in which we learn and work creates opportunities to learn about climate change and how to have a positive impact on the world around us and about sustainability.


Kelmscott is signed up to the Waltham Forest Climate Charter and we have committed to ensure we become a greener, more sustainable school.


The Climate Ambassador’s, which is a society run by students, along with Ms Hill have attended events at The Hive and at Leyton Sixth Form where they presented their findings and feelings about the climate. The students also presented to members of staff including Heads of Department and Senior Leaders and made an impressive case to ensure that climate change and sustainability is in the curriculum.


Given the importance of this issue and due to the strength of student voice, the school development plan for 2023/24 will feature a strand entirely dedicated to climate change and sustainability. Staff and students will work together to provide professional development to teachers on how to include these topics across the curriculum. We will be investigating and ensuring that the school site is sustainable, in particular with the launch of our new Willow building.

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"Climate change isn’t something that is happening somewhere else. It’s happening here. We see it with the heat waves of Summer 2022 and the recent local flooding, we see it in our energy bills and our air quality. For our children and young people, the long-term impact of the changes and the need to make educated decisions about their actions will directly influence their future.  As a Council, we look forward to working with all our schools and young people to make a meaningful difference to the climate emergency we jointly face"

A message from Lauren Ovenden, Director of Education and Luke Ravenscroft , Director of Climate Emergency

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