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If you live in Waltham Forest and you would like a school place for your child (aged between 11 and 16), the Admissions Team within LBWF will need to process your application. Please see below:

For further information contact:

School Admissions

Sycamore House Town Hall Complex

Forest road


London E17 4JF

Open 3 days a week 9:30am - 16:30pm by appointment only.

Please call 0208 496 3000 to book an appointment.

School Admission Appeals

If your child is not offered a place at one of the schools you listed on your application form,  you have the right to appeal for a place at your preferred school.

To appeal for a place at a local authority maintained or voluntary  controlled schools in Waltham Forest please click on this link. You must  complete the information and return it back to Waltham Forest council within 14 days.

School Admissions Service (Postal Address only),

Waltham Forest Town Hall, Forest road,

Walthamstow, London E17 4JF

Tel: 0208  496  3000

Please check the Waltham Forest website for any changes, correct as of September 2021

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