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Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

At Kelmscott School, our vision is to support students in making informed and suitable and ambitious decisions about their careers. We believe in equipping our students with the knowledge and resources necessary to navigate their post-Kelmscott journey successfully. Our goal is to provide them with a comprehensive understanding of different careers and empower them to explore various pathways.

Through our career development program, we strive to create opportunities for students to meet employers, gain valuable experience, and develop an understanding of the world of employment.   We aim to foster connections between our students and professionals in various industries, allowing them to learn from experiences and develop the skills needed to thrive in the workplace.

  • Prepare students to navigate their post-Kelmscott journey successfully (e.g, further education, apprenticeships, higher education and the world of work) 

  • Support students in making informed decisions which are suitable and ambitious for them 

  • Provide students with well-rounded experiences 

  • Develop characteristics and transferable skills (e.g Self Control, Tolerance, Optimism, Resilience, Motivation) which support high achieving students in the curriculum and in their careers 

  • Inspire and motivate students to develop their aspirations 

Careers Programme

Our Key Stage 3 careers programme will support pupils in their planning and choices of GCSE subjects.  Our Key Stage 4 careers programme aims to help pupils research and understand their choices and routes into education and training. 

To read the 2023-2024 Careers programme for details of aims for each year and some of the planned activities to support students in careers please use the following link:


Measuring Impact

Kelmscott  will assess the impact of its careers programmes on students by completing an annual student survey and analysing destinations data in line with activities that they have taken part in at school. In addition, the views of students and parents will be surveyed after key events.


We also use the compass evaluations against the Eight Gatsby Benchmarks. We will constantly update and evaluate our programme based on the introduction of new technology, education and careers information, which will enable us to make sure that we are able to provide the most relevant, up to date and inclusive programme for all of our students.


Further Education / Higher Education / Training Provider / Employer Access

Kelmscott school believes in giving FE, HE and training providers and employers the opportunity to talk to pupils at the school.  Please use the following link to see its ‘Provider Access Policy’:

Useful Websites & Information


Start is a digital careers platform with the information, advice and tools to help your students to explore and plan for their future.  At the heart of the platform is a student’s StartProfile, built throughout the academic journey to evidence their career development, informing and supporting their successful transition to future study and employment. 


National Careers Service – a comprehensive careers website with job profiles, outlining: the skills required, main tasks, pay levels and career prospects for hundreds of different jobs. In addition, valuable guidance on the different stages involved in getting a job.



Get The Jump - Whether you know where you're heading or not, knowing about the different routes open to you is a great place to start. View all the different work and study choices available to you.  You can also explore careers to get ideas about the type of job you might like or see the many ways to get your dream job. 


Thinking about your uni choices? Search and compare undergraduate courses in the UK: 


UCAS – a very helpful website for students thinking of applying to higher education.   Also contains valuable information on different options, including apprenticeships 

Apprenticeships is a government website with information about how to become and apprentice including searching for live roles and case studies from those undertaking apprenticeships:

Amazing Apprenticeships has lots of information about Apprenticeships, Traineeships, T Levels and more.  Resources include a monthly parents pack which is free to download Apprenticeship Resources For Parents (  You can also download their parents perspective podcasts which is an exciting new podcast series for parents and carers, helping them to support their children with careers advice and guidance: The Parent Perspective Podcast - Amazing Apprenticeships


Barclays Lifeskills have various free to use tools, tips, activities, and resources to help your family build money and employability skills for their future:  Families (



Icould – helpful videos about a wide range of job roles:

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