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We are proud of the curriculum we have in place at Kelmscott, and indeed it has been praised by Ofsted in both their last two visits. We feel it is vitally important to maintain the breadth and balance to the curriculum in order to ensure that students have many options and pathways open to them when they leave us for Post 16 provision after Year 11. We have a clear and intentional five year curriculum which covers the academic journey, character and values development and the co-curricular opportunities which inspires our students to be lifelong learners.


In years 7 - 9 it is all about laying the building blocks for the linear, more robust GCSEs. To ensure a smooth transition to Year 7, we work very closely with our feeder primary schools to find out the details of their curriculum in years 5 and 6. This is particularly important as we don’t want to repeat work that has already been completed.  We always ensure that we are providing challenge for all learners, and in particular for our more able pupils, from the very beginning and throughout their time at Kelmscott. Students study the full complement of subjects including core subjects (English, Maths, Science), humanities, languages as well as a variety of technology and arts subjects.


Kelmscott is also a “classics for all school” and KS3 will study Greek, Latin or Classic Civilisations.


All subjects we offer our students equips them with the lifelong skills of literacy, numeracy and fosters independence. Midway through Year 9 students begin to consider which options subjects they would like to study for GCSE.


​In years 10 and 11 students have more choice as to what they continue to study. They all continue their studies in English, Maths, Science and RE. In addition, they then choose three option subjects. All students are encouraged to choose what we call a ‘broadening subject’ such as Photography, Drama or GCSE PE. We feel very strongly that students should continue studying a broad range of subjects to maintain breadth whilst still being able to achieve the Ebacc. All Year 10 and 11 students also take part in recreational PE. We also offer additional qualifications in maths for More Able students.

In addition to academic classes, all students are encouraged to take part in our vast co-curricular programme which includes a range of activities. Engaging in co-curricular activities allows our students to develop  existing skills and discover new ones, broaden their horizons and also to socialise with other students outside of the classroom.

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