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Headteacher's Weekly Update - 20th January 2023

I hope this letter finds you and your families well, a Friday update for you following a chilly week for our community.

Year 11 began the week with a study skills session, delivered by an expert in that field, focusing on

how they can best prepare themselves for their exams in the summer. The tips and advice gleaned

were well received; Year 11 have a chance to practise their new skills for their next set of Pre-Public

Exams (PPE) in February.

Some advance warning for Year 11 families; we are hoping to organise a Tutor Parent event for Year 11 families only, just after the PPE exams, to discuss the results for those exams and agree an

individual plan for each student. More information about the date etc, in due course.

As I’m sure you are already aware, there is likely to be teacher strike action in the coming weeks.

The following dates have been issued so far:

  • · 1st February 2023

  • · 1st March 2023

  • · 15th March 2023

  • · 16th March 2023

I am meeting with the local authority to discuss this in more detail next week, and will update you in next week’s letter.

A small number of students have chosen to wear balaclavas or masks that cover 3⁄4 of their faces,

during these colder weeks. It is not possible for us to identify the students when they wear such

items and, if I’m honest, they look a bit menacing. I was so pleased to see students’ faces again,

following the pandemic and our enforced mask wearing, and would like this to continue. As a result, I have taken the decision to ban said balaclavas and masks. Students are, of course, most welcome to wear hats and scarves to keep themselves warm in the cold weather. As always, I am grateful for your support and understanding with this.

The participants of the Classics Competition 2022 warmly welcomed Natalie Haynes, author of 'Stone Blind' and 'Pandora's Jar’, into school today. Students spent their lunchtime learning about Natalie Haynes' Classical journey and showcasing their wonderful entries. Our guest judge felt that all of the entries were worthy of a gift, so students were rewarded with signed copies of 'The Children of Jocasta' and 'Pandora's Jar', along with Stone Blind Tote bags and badges of Medusa. It was wonderful to see Kelmscott staff and students come together to celebrate and support those who took part in the competition. The Classics Department wholeheartedly appreciated Natalie Haynes for coming and for being so generous with her time.

This week, we had three boys’ basketball fixtures. Year 9 lost narrowly 20-21 to Buxton, but the

Year 7 team got off to a terrific start winning both fixtures; versus Lammas 24-16, and versus

Norlington 22-21. Well done to all involved.

Penultimately; we heard this week that we have won an award for our attendance figures. The FFT

Attendance Award places us in the top 25% of schools nationally and is testament to our students,

you, our families, and the pastoral and the staff here in school, notably the pastoral staff and

attendance team. We know what a huge impact attendance has on student outcomes, so I am

particularly proud of this achievement.

Finally, congratulations to Fatima Ahmed in 11L who topped the rewards points charts this week with 26. It’s not often that Year 11 top this chart so a huge well done to Fatima – impressive work

Yours sincerely

Mr Sam Jones




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